Dhruv Sheoran is havin’ a ball

by Aman Misra in Mumbai

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for Dhruv Sheoran. The Delhi-based golfer turned professional and promptly won in his first start at New Delhi. The very next week at Faridabad, he won again. It’s a far cry from where he was at not too long ago.

At home, with the spoils.
Photo courtesy – Dhruv Sheoran Facebook

“I don’t know how to put it.” says Dhruv with a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

“If you ask me, I put away anything technical and just decided to enjoy my game. Things fell into place” he adds.

Growing up as an Army man’s son, he played almost every sport one can think of. Dad played golf for the services while his mother played national level basketball.

By the time he was 16, his heart was firmly set on golf. A year later, he was scratch.

Until he won the Professional Golf Tour of India’s (PGTI) qualifying school in 2017, he had never won as a junior or amateur golfer. Despite earning a full card with his win, he decided not to turn professional.

Later that year, the soft-spoken army boy beat Sri Lanka’s Sisira Kumara on the 36th hole of match play to win the Amateur Championship of Sri Lanka.

Image Courtesy : Daily FT (www.ft.lk)

Previous winners make for a who’s who of South Asian golf, including the great Sri Lankan Nandasena Perera, Pakistan’s Taimur Hussain and India’s Rahil Gangjee among others.

In early 2018, Sheoran once again earned his PGTI card through q-school. Again, he didn’t turn professional because he wanted to wait for the Asian Games August later this year in Jakarta.

The qualifiers were held between ITC Classic and Jaypee Greens. On his own accord, Dhruv hit the ball well all week but couldn’t buy a putt, missing out on the four-man squad.

“All my life I’ve thought of nothing but golf. Not making the squad was disappointing.” reflects Sheoran.

On his way to victory at the Aravalli Golf Club in Faridabad
Photo courtesy – PGTI

In short, he had come to a point where he wasn’t enjoying his golf anymore. Sometime later, he turned professional bringing us back to the last two weeks.

“I had my good friend Divesh Rana on the bag. He’s a top-25 player on the Amateur tour. so he kept telling me to be patient coming down the stretch.” says Sheoran while discussing the various bounces he and his fellow competitors went through on two consecutive Sundays.

When asked, Sheoran emphatically agrees that the PGTI’s Feeder Tour is really tough. “It’s very competitive. People keep attacking flags. There are lots of veterans who have impeccable short games.”

Dhruv has no plans beyond dividing his time between the Feeder and Main Tour as of now. Staying in the present has become his mantra. He says, “I’ve reduced my practice time by half. You’d rather practice smart, than beat balls and exhaust yourself.” notes the young professional.

Winning in his first start as a professional. BSF Golf Club, New Delhi.
Photo Courtesy – PGTI

Working with Anitya Chand and Karan Bindra at the DLF Golf and Country Club, Dhruv likes to think of himself as a feel player. “I’m more Bubba (Watson) than Adam (Scott). You have to feel it to hit it the way you want to.”

Two weeks of professional golf has made the young man a bit wiser. One of his favorite moments in the sport was when Tom Watson came down the stretch at Turnberry, nearly winning the Open Championship at the age of 59.

“It made me realize that you can’t always have happy endings. You just have to keep dreaming every day, all the time.”

He could be right but for now, Dhruv Sheoran is havin’ a ball.


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