Aman Misra is an allegory for the writer he claims to be. He’s spent most of his life brooding over what could have been and has decided to put it down on paper. It is writing for the different, the uninvited.

He writes about the sport of politics, and the politics of sport – has interned with Wisden India in early 2015, and has written for different verticals including The Golfing Indian and Golfplus Monthly Magazine. 

In the summer of 2017, he worked with Golf Digest India out of Gurgaon. Other verticals he has contributed to over the last year include the Ladies European Tour and its Access Series, G&E Magazine and Biz Golf Magazine.
In winter 2017, Aman worked with the Indian Express out of Pune.

In the fall of 2017, he produced and directed a documentary on Women’s cricket in India called ‘Women in the Gentleman’s Game’, now launched on Youtube.
He intends to continue shooting such sport documentaries given the finances and opportunity.

Currently working the graveyard shift with ESPN India, he maintains a massively irregular blog called Writing without Birth Control. He is also working on the sister concern of this blog – an independent sports website called The Way to Play.

Aman also has experience working on the radio for BBC World Service’s Stumped!
Podcast and has appeared on episodes with the boys at White Line Wireless, covering cricket.

Living with relatives, Aman attempts to sleepwalk his way through everyday life while listening to inhuman amounts of Mark Knopfler and Billy Joel. 

If you wish to contact him, don’t.


The Russian Chekhov, famously ordained that if in the first chapter (or act) a rifle is on the wall, before the end it must be brought down and fired.



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