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A Cinderella story outta nowhere

(By Shreyashi Roy & Aman Misra) In the 1980 movie Caddyshack, Bill Murray plays Carl Spackler in the role of the greenskeeper commissioned to look after Bushwood Country Club. The famous scene has him hacking away at flowers outside the … Continue reading

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Mangoes in Summer, Carrots in Winter

When you grow up in India, you’re always offered fruit and vegetables to eat at home depending on the season. In the summer Pops would always bring back mangoes in the official bazaar bag – a big white and ugly plastic … Continue reading

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Calcutta Diaries 4 – The Bookstore

I will never know what a book store smells like because I have grown up in one. When you’re constantly exposed to one pleasure everyday, it becomes stale. Moderation doesn’t seem to be an option when it is a job! … Continue reading

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